Laurence Capital Corp.

Laurence Capital Corp. (LCC) is a Waterloo-based merchant bank which provides capital and stewardship to Canadian growth companies.  Working closely with investee and potential investee companies LCC provides strategic and operational assistance, multiple forms of debt or equity, and can invest in public or private companies.   

Helping Investee Companies and Management Teams.

Our objective is to help our investee companies and management teams become as proficient as possible.
All chief executives are faced at some point with the decision of determining their best financing options.
For those executives, Laurence Capital can help with their financing decisions by presenting a wide range
of potential choices.

Investing in innovative growth companies .

Laurence Capital actively seeks investments in companies led by entrepreneurs. Our investments include growth companies in multiple sectors. Laurence Capital's goal is to add value to its investee companies.

Investing in both privately-held and publicly traded companies.

Laurence Capital Corp. can invest through a variety of structures including multiple forms of debt, equity
or a combination of the two. As well, Laurence Capital invests in both privately-held and publicly traded